Autodesk Collaboration for Civil 3D, is the important  BIM Collaborate Pro component that enables project teams to work with Civil 3D cloud projects just like they do with their local projects.

Targeted for Civil 3D customers using LAN/WAN or simple cloud file sharing applications for their current Civil 3D project workflows, as well as for accounts that have Civil 3D and already use BIM Collaborate with Revit. I don’t understand the meaning of this sentence.

BIM Collaborate Pro supports BIM-based file sharing with Civil 3D in real-time, 2D or 3D design review, and version comparison in a controlled cloud-based environment.

It also enables collaboration and data management throughout the project lifecycle. Collaboration for Civil 3D enables teams to securely access Civil 3D files within an enterprise or across teams and organizations. It enables teams to manage the exchange of design data, visualize changes, track progress, and manage issues. Centralizing design collaboration on a common data platform can help eliminate delays, optimize talent, reduce data friction, and improve project outcomes.

Getting Access to Collaboration for Civil 3D

Before getting started with BIM Collaborate Pro, there are some prerequisites to address. The first is to make certain your Autodesk User Account is assigned a BIM Collaborate Pro license.

Before you could begin importing files, you need to create a BIM Collaborate Pro project. If you’re an account admin, you can create or, if you are accessing as a member, you’ll get invited by a project admin.

 The second and not less important is a Civil 3D subscription, however, a BIM Collaborate Pro (Former BIM 360 Design) membership provides access to Autodesk Collaboration for Civil 3D, which allows you to generate and manage data shortcut projects in BIM 360. If you don’t need to build data shortcuts or data shortcut references but still need to work with the project drawings, you’ll require a BIM 360 Docs license.

What are the key benefits of Collaboration for Civil 3D?

 Collaborate with project teams, outside of enterprise firewalls, and manage Civil 3D design data securely and in real-time.

Connecting teams to improve productivity and accelerate project delivery

  1.  Collaboration for Civil 3D enables users to access design files, data shortcuts, and external references from multiple locations and companies, securely and outside enterprise firewalls.
  2.  Extend design data to external stakeholders for greater project visibility and more informed decision-making.

Manage projects on a common data platform.

  1.  A common data platform provides a single source of truth, ensuring the project team is always up to date on current design releases.
  2.  Ensure accountability with assignable, version-aware issues and flags.
  3.  Automated version control captures every save, allowing you to easily revert changes. Version comparison allows you to visually compare changes and track project progress.

Visualize design changes to reduce workload and construction delays.

  1. No more searching for revision files or exporting to third-party tools: explore shared deliverables before accepting them to understand how new design information will affect work in progress.
  2.  Navigate the model in context to see between 2D sheets and 3D models.

 Save on IT maintenance and benefit from the cloud.

  1.  With the cloud, you can scale up and down as project needs change. No more time spent on expensive server uploads, downloads, or maintenance.
  2.  Design and collaborate within a single software environment, reducing siloed collaboration tools.
  3.  Cloud accessibility to the design environment democratizes the talent pool.

The Collaboration for Civil 3D module of BIM 360 Design is an extraordinary addition to BIM 360’s collaboration capabilities. Supporting Data Shortcuts, Xrefs, and Sheet Sets is a well-rounded solution. Though the Sheet Set guide has a few ache factors to be ironed out, BIM 360 is being continuously stepped forward and it’ll simplest be a depend of time till these, and other problems are fixed.