CAD / BIM Services

CAD / BIM management

MicroCAD Training & Consulting is positioned to offer CAD/BIM Management Services, to provide tailored levels of on-site consultation to help your organization stay in line with advances in technology and software, without the overhead associated with a full-time CAD/BIM Manager position. These services may include any number of CAD/BIM-related tasks and initiatives, including network software installation, configuration and deployment, standards development, integration, best practices, customization, documentation, and user support interaction.

CAD / BIM Consulting

MicroCAD Training & Consulting provides BIM/VDC consulting to organizations including construction companies, architects, and engineers for project and coordination work. Our CAD and BIM professionals have extensive experience in 3D modeling as well as design work in all trades. We have handled projects that range from assisting in residential renovations to multistory commercial coordination management. MicroCAD works with architects and engineering designers who fully understand each industry as well as the timeline and work that goes into managing and coordinating BIM/VDC projects.
Services include 3D modeling, project coordination, construction drawings, as-builts, and fabrication drawings.

CAD / BIM Needs Assessment

MicroCAD Training & Consulting offers an essential on-site service that helps your organization establish a road map to increased efficiency and productivity. Our industry-seasoned professionals will observe your business workflows and discover ways to optimize your CAD/BIM processes. This service will focus on key components and processes, with the results assimilated into a final CAD/BIM Needs Assessment document and Road Map outline.

Revit Health Check

The Revit Health Check analysis covers topics such as model optimization, pain points in the modeling process, efficient file management, industry best practices, and review of key areas known to be the cause of slowness and inefficiency in Revit models. Using a simple color-coded reporting scheme, each area of analysis is graded with visual indicators, along with detailed explanation of the findings and suggestions for improvement where appropriate. To start this process, a customer will transmit a finished Revit project to MicroCAD Training & Consulting, where it will be analyzed in detail by a Revit Applications Specialist.

Project Management

MicroCAD knows that it takes a great deal of time and expertise to manage large projects. This is especially true when collaborating with others, using multiple pieces of software, managing large amounts of data and keeping best practices to ensure the project is done in the most efficient and effective way possible. We also understand that your company’s in-house resources may not allow you to fully manage the processes and software at certain times given the large demand or large scale of the projects. That is where our team of experts comes in! We offer consulting for Project Management for your CAD and BIM needs, and  an help you keep your project on track and running smoothly.

Drafting & Modeling

MicroCAD Training & Consulting has experienced production experts on staff that can work with your team to help you complete your projects. MicroCAD will work with you to produce highly accurate construction drawings, models and visualizations using the latest CAD and BIM technology.