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Pioneering 3D Laser Scanning for 20 Years

Delivering outstanding range, speed and highest quality 3D data, Leica laser scanners are the perfect partner for any tasks in 3D laser scanning. Explore the benefits of these high-performance laser scanners and related services. 

Laser scanning is an ideal technology for Building Information Modeling (BIM) due to its efficiency, accuracy, and level of detail. Our reality capture solutions visualise any environment as it is so you can model with accuracy and precision. 

Featured Laser Scanners

Leica RTC360

3D reality capture solution combining a high-performance laser scanner and mobile-device app to capture and register scans in real time.

Leica BLK360

The smallest & lightest imaging laser scanner available. It captures full-color panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud.

Leica ScanStation P50

Maximize productivity by scanning inaccessible places at a safe position on site, reducing time in the field with less setups.

ScanStation P40/P30

Integrated 3D laser scanning solution providing unsurpassed speed, accuracy and range for demanding scanning projects.

High Definition Laser Scanning Services with Leica

We utilize industry leading HDS instrumentation and software from Leica Geosystems. This high performance laser scanning portfolio with processing software provides a reality capture solution to document and capture your 3D environments. Intuitive, reliable, and highly-accurate, Leica HDS is the solution for professionals to manage the most complex site with great detail, and drive projects to completion on time and on budget.