Training Options for CAD / BIM 

CAD / BIM training for your team

We at MicroCAD believe that training should be continual – not only for new hires. Providing training to your Team should be an essential part of your company’s growth strategy. Effective training leads to improved productivity. MicroCAD offers the highest quality CAD/BIM training available – and content for all levels of experience.

Our classes are all kept small with 5 students per class on average. Our classes are meant for busy professionals, so we keep them short in length and topic specific. We understand that everyone learns differently, therefore we offer several different formats for taking our training classes. You may choose from: Live In-person, Online, Classroom, Self-paced Videos, Open Enrollment, Fully Customized, or all of the above with our LEARN365 Unlimited Annual Plan.

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Online Training Classes (Live)

We offer live online training classes for those who are not able to attend in-person training. You can view our current schedule of online classes on our Class Schedule. We can also customize training for you using our remote training lab.

Please contact 888-355-0081 to discuss the options.

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Classroom Training

MicroCAD holds several open-enrollment courses in multiple training locations in the New England and New York areas. For a current listing of the dates and locations for these courses, please find your best option here!

Note: Classes are all currently online due to COVID-19. Please check back for updates.

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Express Training Modules

Express Training Modules serve as an alternative to full-day training. This allows companies to maximize the work day and not lose any scheduled working hours on time-sensitive projects. MicroCAD offers suggestions for topics relating to the software you currently use, or you can request any topics that are specific to your current needs. Click here to view our suggested topics:

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Self-Paced Video Training

We offer a training bundle of personalized training combined with self-paced videos with over 35,000 lessons. Assessments are taken to generate individualized learning paths and target any gaps in skills. Personal questions are answered by MicroCAD’s technical experts so you can be fully supported while taking your video training classes. Please contact 888-355-0081 to discuss the options.

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Custom / On-site Training

We offer custom training to meet your company’s specific needs. In order to make your training experience more convenient, we are also equipped with a portable training lab that can be set up at any location. We also offer one-on-one custom classes for individuals in need of training. For more information on our custom training, please call us at 888-355-0081.