For professionals in building design, infrastructure design, construction, or a combination of these sectors, the AEC Autodesk Collection offers you an extensive set of software and innovative technologies, which will allow you to design and build construction and infrastructure projects.

The Autodesk method leads us to highlight collections as the best set of solutions to help customers navigate across the future of construction. Autodesk’s AEC Collection applies digital automation that helps professionals to do more in less time and achieve better results.

At Autodesk, the goal is to listen closely and collaborate with customers to understand what they need and create tools they are demanding. Since the software is delivered via subscription, new features can be put into the hands of users as soon as they are ready. The way of updating products has evolved and Autodesk’s priority now is to satisfy the needs of the client.

This work methodology is what makes Autodesk’s AEC Collection help the architecture, engineering, and construction sector to progress in their processes and projects.


What is the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection?

The AEC Collection provides designers, engineers, and contractors with a variety of BIM, CAD, and Collaboration tools that make it easy to complete projects from the initial design stage until the construction.


With Autodesk Collection you can:

• Create high-quality, high-performance building and infrastructure designs using conceptual and detailed design tools.
• Optimize projects using integrated analysis, generative design, visualization, and simulation tools.
• Improve your forecasts with tools that maximize construction feasibility and project coordination.


Why should you choose the Autodesk AEC Collection?

First of all, design and build with confidence using integrated AEC tools and workflows.

The collection simplifies access to the software that handles the demands of today’s complex projects. This provides flexibility to adapt the tools to the specific needs of each project and all in one package. Also, with the AEC collection every designer, engineer and contractor have access to multi-discipline workflows that let them create with ease.

Autodesk’s AEC Collection allows you to stay on track with the latest releases and decide when to roll out updates. It is also possible to retain access up to 5 previous versions of the software.

Additionally, you can choose the single-user subscription or grant teams permission to share licenses with multi-user access if you need it.

In addition, using this software is synonym for facilitating access to good job opportunities from the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.


What can it be used for?

This is the ideal collection if you are looking for one that allows you to design buildings, design infrastructure, and carry out construction.

You can use integrated BIM and CAD workflows for design, engineering, and construction.

For both building design professionals and those involved in civil infrastructure or construction, the client has access to the main tools to improve productivity and collaboration. This is why it is possible to improve job performance and maintain competitiveness.


AEC Collection Autodesk Main Products


Most used products are:

• Revit.
• AutoCAD – Now includes AutoCAD toolsets for architecture, MEP, Map 3D, and so much more.
• Civil 3D
• InfraWorks
• Autodesk Docs
• Navisworks Manage
• 3DS Max.

It also includes reality capture, rendering, and analysis software and services, as well as other software products.
If you would like more information about the Collection Architecture, Engineering & Construction, please do not hesitate to contact us.