Software included in Autodesk AEC Collection: you need to know


Streamline your BIM and CAD workflows from start to finish with the Autodesk AEC Collection 2023. With this all-in-one package, you’ll get a better overview of every stage of construction.

 The AEC Collection Products brings together more than 20 Autodesk programs. Each specifically serves the respective phases in your design and construction process. The AEC Collection 2023 meets the needs of any multidisciplinary BIM project.

 On one hand, the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection 2023 offers you full CAD power, thanks to AutoCAD, in which you can design high-quality 2D and 3D models. AutoCAD is an advanced design and engineering software, which also helps you to document your project data.

 On the other hand, it offers you the best BIM software. Revit helps you optimize your process from concept to construction. Autodesk Revit focuses on design, visualization, collaboration, interoperability, and documentation.

 Another program in the AEC Collection is Navisworks Manage. With this program, you can coordinate, analyze, visualize and simulate your project. It is known among industry professionals as a prestigious project evaluation and coordination program.

 In addition to powerful BIM software, another advantage of the AEC Collection over a single product is that it offers you cloud storage space in Autodesk’s Cloud Services. You can manage your files anywhere from your tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

 AEC Collection Products & Projects

 Use powerful BIM and CAD workflows to improve your projects in new ways and build with confidence:

General functions of AEC Collection:

  • Revit: Plan, design, develop, and oversee structures with multidisciplinary BIM programming.
  • Civil 3D: Civil designing plan and development documentation programming.
  • AutoCAD: Software for 2D and 3D CAD. Incorporates AutoCAD, specific toolsets, and applications.
  • InfraWorks: Civil foundation reasonable plan and investigation programming.
  • Navisworks Manage: Clash discovery and high-level coordination, 5D investigation, and reenactment programming.
  • Autodesk Docs: Manage project data in a cloud-based, normal information climate.


General functions of AEC Collection in Building design:

  • Revit: Design and archive structures with Building Information Modeling.
  • FormIt Pro: Sketch beginning phase plan ideas in 3D. Associates with Revit.
  • Autodesk Docs: Connect engineering work processes with a typical information climate.
  • Insight: Conduct energy and building execution examination.
  • 3ds Max: Visualize top-notch design renderings.
  • AutoCAD: Create 2D CAD plans that you can bring into Revit.

 General functions of AEC Collection in Infrastructure design:

  • Civil 3D: Design, streamline, and report street, scaffold, and rail projects.
  • InfraWorks: Lay out theoretical streets, break down traffic, and envision plans.
  • Revit: Integrate vertical designs with even foundation plans.
  • ReCap Pro: Generate exact existing circumstances with point cloud or lattice.
  • AutoCAD: Streamline drafting with AutoCAD and industry-particular toolsets.
  • Autodesk Docs: Simplify joint effort with a cloud-based normal information climate.

 General functions of AEC Collection in Construction:

  •  AutoCAD: Create exact 2D development documentation.
  • Revit: Use BIM instruments to make nitty gritty, solid development models.
  • Navisworks Manage: Combine information from various exchanges to all the more likely to control project results.
  • ReCap Pro: Design in-setting with reality catch and 3D examining.
  • Autodesk Docs: Manage project data in a cloud-based, normal information climate.


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection Advantages

  • Architectural Design: Use a connected BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflow to take designs from concept to construction documentation.
  • Road and highway engineering: Efficiently move road and highway projects from preliminary design and visualization to simulation, analysis, and detailing in engineering.
  • Structural Design: Powerful tools to help you manage multidisciplinary coordination, and move from conceptual design to analysis, documentation, and detailing.
  • Mechanical, electronic, and plumbing designs: Use tools for conceptual design, analysis, and detailed coordination of building systems.


With the tools in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, you can develop architectural design projects and model entire buildings in 3D with all their details in BIM; design infrastructure projects with analysis and simulation solutions; automate functions, and start with Generative Design. Connect BIM data with GIS; develop Digital Twins… The AEC Collection includes analysis, rendering, reality capture, and other specialized software.

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