ROI Calculator - MicroCAD Training and Consulting

Introducing the MicroCAD ROI Calculator:

Our ROI Calculator helps you evaluate the return on investment for software and training, associating your investment with increased productivity, and the resulting cost savings from it. Use it to find how much money you could save annually if your productivity increased by 10 to 50% or even more.

  1. From the top bar select your exiting software and new software you are considering, or training if you are not changing software.
  2. Enter the number of employees using the new solutions.
  3. Enter an estimated cost for salary and benefits.
  4. Specify the percentage of time spent using CAD or BIM.
  5. The software cost per user will show based on your software selection.
  6. For training, assume a standard duration of 3 days, or adjust as needed.
  7. Enter the total working days (default: 365 days minus holidays and vacations)
  8. The projected productivity increase on the final line, is based on industry studies, but could be adjusted.
  9. The cost savings on your new software and training investment will show at bottom of the page
  10. A Link of the results s can be copied and shared with decision makers for evaluation.


Software Solution Difference
Number of employees
Annual salary, benefits cost per user
Percentage on time using CAD
Dollar Cost of time using CAD
Software Cost per user license
Recommended Training Days
Price per day of training
Cost of trainining during first year
Worked days per year (365 - PTO, weekends)
Cost per employee downtime during training
Productivity Increase with New Product
Cost reduction from using new solution
Savings per employee
Total Savings first year
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