Remote Work / Licensing

Remote Work / Licensing

We have many resources available to help you stay productive as you work from home. It may be a good time to take online training classes, get Autodesk Certified, or continue your education through live webinars and recorded sessions. We also have documents to answer your questions about license usage. The links below provide answers to FAQ’s that we receive during the setup process. If you are a current customer and require more help, please fill out a ticket for technical support on our Support Page.

Online Training Classes

We have updated our class schedule to include online class options. Please visit our website to see a current schedule. We also offer custom, group online training, so let us know if there is something specific your team needs to learn.

Live Event Schedule

MicroCAD Upcoming Workshops, Webcasts & Seminars. Come join us for a workshop to learn new tricks that will let you become more efficient with your current software. We also provide free webcasts and seminars to demonstrate which solutions will work best for you.

Working from home with BIM 360 solutions 

Using Autodesk tools? Do you have to work from home? Don’t want to set up expensive, time-consuming VPNs? MicroCAD can help! Using Autodesk BIM 360 as a cloud-based data platform and collaboration tools, your Revit, AutoCAD and Civil 3D users can be as productive at home as they are in the office.

What are the different BIM 360 Products

Today’s design and construction projects require distributed teams to collaborate closely, but with that comes data silos and disconnected communication. Autodesk BIM 360 removes these barriers with a single cloud-based platform that connects your project teams and data in real-time, from design through construction.

Using the license you already have at work

Home use rights are a benefit that allows employees to install Autodesk software at home for work related to business, personal education, or training. Products with multi-user access or a maintenance plan on a network, require a license to use software at home. Products with single-user access can be used from any computer and do not require a home-use license.

More information regarding home use licenses

Perpetual (Maintenance)