Product Design
& Manufacturing Collection

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    What is the Product Design
    & Manufacturing Collection?

    The collection is a powerful set of applications that provides extended capabilities to Inventor and AutoCAD for engineers who design complex and custom products, equipment, and systems.

    • Extend Inventor with add-ins for tolerance analysis, simulation, and production layout.
    • Use connected products for 2D drafting, large-scale design review, and visualization.
    • Connect to Fusion 360 to access next generation capabilities and collaboration.

    Work where design and manufacturing
    technology meet

    Products within the collection working together

    Create 2D Designs and 3D
    Models at the same time

    Generate toolpaths that sync with your 3D model

    Design, validate, and visualize 2D and 3D factory layouts

    Analyze nonlinear Stress, dynamics, and heat transfer

    Create multiple sheet nests and cutting paths for flat parts

    Create your most ambitious ideas,
    collaborate, and explore more
    design options than ever before


    How the PDM Collection helps your business

    Improve speed and accuracy of quotations
    Automate product configuration to quickly deliver solutions that meet unique customer needs.

    Create an uninterrupted flow of data
    Build a single digital model from beginning to end, automatically maintaining your audit trail along the way.

    Deliver and install without surprises
    Identify potential issues up-front to ensure on-time hand over and happier clients.

    Jump into production with ease
    Communicate your designs effectively to manufacturing and avoid costly late-stage problems..

    Why MicroCAD Training and Consulting?

    MicroCAD is a team formed by Industry experts from the AEC, Manufacturing, and Business worlds. With over 30 years of experience, consistently growing and innovating, we work together with our partners and proudly hold titles such as Autodesk Gold Partner and Authorized Training Center.
    MicroCAD has clients located all along the East Coast, headquartered in Boston, MA, and operating out of several offices in New York, New England, and the mid-Atlantic region.

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