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Streamlining Civil Engineering Workflows with Autodesk
BIM Collaborate Pro

Connect your design teams effortlessly, whether in the main office, branch offices, or working from home. Enjoy a unified collaboration experience and simplify your tech stack.

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    Key Features

    Effortless Project Collaboration in a Unified Environment

    Streamline project collaboration with Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro’s centralized data environment. Co-author models from anywhere, track progress, and ensure stakeholders have real-time access to relevant data.

    Revolutionize Your Tech Stack with Autodesk Construction Cloud

    Cutting-edge Solutions for Civil Engineers: Reduce your tech stack with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). ACC Docs, included in every AEC Collection license, offers secure storage and eliminates redundant licenses.

    Visualize, Collaborate, and Coordinate Seamlessly

    Powerful Tools for Your Team: Explore the latest updates with change visualization. Perform automated clash detection in the cloud, create and assign issues directly – all with Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro.

    Dive into the future of civil engineering collaboration with BIM Collaborate Pro.

    Streamlined Teamwork in a Unified Hub

    Centralized Data Environment

    Connect your design team securely in a common data environment. Co-author models from anywhere, provide stakeholders with current data, and track project progress – all in one place.

    Folder Structure Customization

    Align your Docs folders with company standards, set permissions by role or company, and ensure stakeholders access relevant information. Upload files via drag-and-drop or save directly to the cloud, supporting familiar workflows.

    Real-Time Collaboration Features

    Experience real-time collaboration with file locking, version comparisons, and easy restoration of previous file versions. Mark up designs privately or share them with your team, create project issues, and track their resolution status.

    Discover the power of Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro and Collaboration for Civil 3D in our webinar:
    “Finish Faster: Understanding Cloud-Based Collaboration.”

    Why Choose Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro with Autodesk Civil 3D?

    Discover how Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro elevates your civil infrastructure projects. Explore the possibilities and enhance your collaboration experience.

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