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Elevate Precision Machining Excellence with Autodesk Fusion 360 and PowerMill

Expert CNC Programming for Complex 3- and 5-Axis Manufacturing

Precision Mastery: Fusion 360 + PowerMill CAM

    Autodesk powermill

    What is Autodesk Fusion 360 with PowerMill?

    Autodesk Fusion 360 with PowerMill® CAM software provides expert CNC programming strategies for complex 3- and 5-axis manufacturing, now with access to Fusion 360 and advanced manufacturing capabilities through Fusion 360 extensions.

    Enjoy a vast library of machining strategies. Access powerful 5-axis programming with automated collision avoidance. Use solutions for industrial robots, hybrid manufacturing, and more.

    What is Autodesk Fusion 360 with PowerMill used for?

    Autodesk Fusion 360 with PowerMill is CAM software that specializes in generating high quality machining code to help manufacture large, complex parts such as molds, tools, and dies.

    PowerMill is typically used to drive different types of CNC hardware including 3- and 5-axis mills, 5-axis mill-turn machines, industrial robots, and hybrid manufacturing machines.

    What is Autodesk powermill

    What is Autodesk Fusion 360 with PowerMill used for?

    Autodesk powermill MicroCAD

    Deliver exceptional part quality

    Complete control of the machining process helps you achieve optimum levels of precision and surface finish.

    Autodesk powermill Features

    Reduce CAM programming times:

    Super-fast toolpath calculation makes it simple to program large molds, tools and dies, and other challenging 3D geometry.

    Autodesk powermill of Fusion 360

    Max CNC machine utilization

    Advanced controls help optimize NC code to extract maximum value from your machines and cutting tools.

    Autodesk powermill Features and prices

    What you can do with Autodesk Fusion 360 with PowerMill

    Solve complex CNC machining problems

    PowerMill provides a vast library of 3- and 5-axis strategies that simplify the CAM programming and CNC machining of large molds, tools, dies and other complex parts. 

    The evolving capabilities in Fusion 360 with PowerMill® enable easier 3- and 5-axis CAM programming, helping manufacturers get more from their subtractive, additive, and hybrid machines.

    Autodesk powermill CNC programming

    Achieve exceptional levels of quality

    Advanced toolpath controls and powerful editing shortens CAM programming times and increases flexibility, resulting in finished parts that require little to no manual polishing.

    Improve consistency with automation

    Powerful templates and user-defined macros help you capture and share best practices across your team. Address the skills gap and help your workers to be more productive sooner.

    Key features of Autodesk PowerMill

    Every CAD support Import surfaces, solids, or meshes from mainstream CAD systems and produce NC code even if data is poor quality.

    High-efficiency roughing Choose from a range of roughing strategies to remove material quickly and maximize cutter life.

    Comprehensive finishing Access a library of finishing toolpaths to produce precision parts with exceptional surface finish.

    Multi-axis machining Simplify 3+2 and 5-axis machining to produce parts with fewer setups, shorter tools, and faster feeds and speeds.

    Toolpath optimization Make global or localized edits to your toolpaths without the need for lengthy, wasteful recalculations.

    Toolpath verification Check individual toolpaths or entire projects to find and fix problems before they cause expensive mistakes.

    Machine simulation Use a 3D model of your CNC machine to simulate toolpaths and identify collisions, near-misses, or over-travel.

    Post-processing Use configurable post-processor files to export safe and efficient NC code to suit your specific machine.

    User-defined automation Embed your best practices into templates and macros and share with others to automate common tasks.

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