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Your projects look clearer
from the cloud with Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

Use cloud-based collaboration technology to place data at the center. By integrating BIM data with construction workflows on a shared data platform, you can bring together the teams responsible for design and collaboration.

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    How does BIM Collaborate Pro works?

    BIM Collaborate Pro empowers teams with the coordination tools they need to avoid misalignment, catch errors earlier, and save money. Data is captured across project lifecycles and displayed in powerful dashboards that shine a light on project issues, transparency, and the completion status of major milestone.

    • Keep projects on schedule with real-time design collaboration
    • Understand edits and context using intuitive change analysis
    • Assess constructability with automated clash analysis
    • Consolidate issues management to reduce rework and change orders
    • Control project document access with multi-level permissions and data exchange management
    • Realize better outcomes through advanced project analytics

    Co-authoring, project management, and model coordination tools with BIM Collaborate Pro

    Unify AEC project teams
    in the cloud with
    BIM Collaborate Pro


    Highlighted Features

    Anytime, anywhere collaboration
    BIM Collaborate Pro lets you collaborate with internal teams and other companies, with easy web viewing, project timeline to track progress, and issue capture so you can ensure change requests are made.

    Extensive file support
    Covering over 50 file types, including MS Office 365, RVT, C3D, DWG, IFC, and other Autodesk file types.

    Basic file storage & sharing
    Share active design documents with read/write access and set user permissions on a folder and project level.

    Design Review on-the-go
    View and compare iterations of sheet layouts side-by-side or combined views of the project model in 3D view. No exports, translations, or uploads required.

    Improved efficiency
    Because your workflows are powered in the cloud. This means faster sync times, easy remote collaboration, and regular improvements and upgrades — all of which deliver cost savings directly to your business.

    Robust security
    With eighteen levels of access permissions, you can ensure the right people are in the right document at the right time and avoid version conflict.

    Common data environment
    Store and manage all project data, whether generated in Revit, Civil 3D, or AutoCAD Plant 3D, in one location to improve efficiency during handover.

    Automated clash detection
    Upload models to automatically detect clashes. View results in an intuitive matrix, identifying clashes and grouping them to prioritize work.

    Explore design options by running clash analysis against shared models in sandboxed folders called “coordination spaces”, separating design trials from live ongoing work.


    Connect the design team in a centralized and secured common data environment with Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro.

    Maintain accountability in a single source of truth for your Civil 3D design and improve collaboration as you are able to create projects, markups, compare files and identify issues in the cloud and in real-time collaboration to match your company standards.

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