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What you can do with Autodesk Forma?

Autodesk Forma (formerly Spacemaker) helps planning, and design teams deliver projects digitally from day one. Use conceptual design capabilities, predictive analytics, and automation to make solid foundations for your projects. Unlock efficiencies with intuitive project setup, design automations, and fluid connectivity with Revit. Use data-driven insights in real-time to make fast, smart design decisions that reduce risk and improve business and sustainability outcomes. Improve collaboration and secure buy-in by using data and visuals to tell a compelling design story that can help you win more bids.

What you can do with Autodesk Forma?

Better decision support with real-time analytics

Unveil real-time, AI-powered insights into your site and its surroundings. From sunlight and daylight potential to wind and microclimate intricacies, elevate your understanding. Elevate your insights, elevate your outcomes:

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Wind analysis illustrates building and site-influences on localized air flow patterns

Daylight Potential

Visualize daylight potential in context with the surrounding buildings and environment


Visualize occupant sight lines and measure distances of exterior views and points of interest

Operational Energy

Explore the impacts of building design choices on energy consumption of HVAC, lighting, and plug-loads while you’re designing


Improve urban site design and outdoor thermal comfort through microclimate analysis

Solar Energy

Assess rooftop renewable energy potential of photovoltaic panel systems

Sun hours

Analyse the percentage of hours of direct sunlight on building façades and ground surfaces


Understand how noise impacts external surrounding conditions to evaluate potential risk of acoustic discomfor

Bring your data and designs downstream

The power of Autodesk Forma and Revit combined

Maximize the performance of your conceptual design studies with two-way interoperability. Connect your favorite design tools to Forma through extensions. Starting with file-less sync with Revit, Autodesk Forma helps project teams fluidly move proposals from planning into detailed design.

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Eight reasons to try Forma

1 Better feasibility studies in half the time Work more effectively using Forma’s automatically sourced data sets (Terrain, buildings, and boundaries), integrated analyses, automatic area calculations and smart sketching tools – all on one single platform.

2 Get a head start with Forma Forma helps you build a solid, fact-based foundation for your project. Pressure test your proposal and resolve problems early to avoid costly delays later on which can jeopardize your project.

3 Analyze and iterate your proposals in minutes not weeks Instantly access a wealth of analyses from day one to understand your site, validate ideas and help you meet regulations. Get results at the speed of design, instantly understand the impact and improve your designs at any time.

4 Never Compromise Discover and compare more options in parallel to confidently pinpoint the best concept for your site. Optimize your proposals for density, performance and livability.

5 Interoperability with Revit Work between Revit and Forma to avoid rework. Using the Revit add-in, transfer your massing model into Revit for documentation and detailing, and switch between them both for analysis and iteration.

6 Fewer Spreadsheets, More Design Spend more time on creating value, not counting it. Say goodbye to manually calculating floor area and parking and free up more time for strategic decision making and experimenting with new ideas.

7 Tell compelling design stories Having supporting data and clear visuals at hand facilitates smoother discussions with the planning authorities and other stakeholders, helping you to secure buy-in.

8 Future proof your business With its continued evolution into the future AECO industry cloud, Autodesk Forma provides you with a powerful opportunity to lead the way in digital transformation within the industry. Get a head start today with Forma’s first set of capabilities for early-stage planning and design.

Architecture Engineering Construction Collection

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With CAD, BIM, and cloud tools for those who design, build, and make, the AEC Collection bundles industry-grade software in a cost-effective package. Save thousands annually on Forma + AutoCAD in the AEC Collection versus standalone.

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Other capabilities of Autodesk Forma

Autodesk forma Microcad

Automatic datasets Forma sources specific datasets such as terrain, buildings, and boundaries (select markets only).

Smart design tools Draw fluidly in 2D and 3D with dynamic tools that automate functions and takeoffs while you design.

Parking design Rapidly get relevant parking metrics including number of parking spots and access driveways.

Powered by cloud computing Continue to design while you run analyses in the cloud. See the results in seconds or minutes.

Import and export With support for file formats, including IFC and OBJ, move your work to and from other AEC software.

Free viewer access Share your projects in the cloud with team members, regardless of subscription status.