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Unlock the power of 3D scanning with Leica Scanners solutions to see the difference with this powerful construction tool.

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    Gone are the days of manual measurement and tedious data entry in construction.

    SCAN to BIM reality capture technology has revolutionized the way we design, build and operate buildings. The cutting-edge of Leica Scanners provide a quick, accurate, and efficient way to capture as-built conditions of your site or building, enabling you to make informed decisions during design, construction, and maintenance phases.

    What is SCAN to BIM?

    SCAN to BIM is a process that involves capturing the physical world using 3D scanning technology and converting it into a digital Building Information Model (BIM). The result is a detailed, accurate and interactive 3D model of your building or site that can be used for a range of purposes, from design and construction planning to facilities management.

    How Does Leica Scan Work?

    This SCAN to BIM service involves scanning the site or building using high-tech 3D laser scanning equipment. The scanning process captures millions of data points that are then processed and transformed into a detailed 3D model using specialized software. The model can then be used to create accurate as-built documentation, perform clash detection analysis, plan for renovations or retrofits, and much more.

    3 Steps for flawless scanning

    1. Scanning on site

    • Dedicated AEs on Leica equipment and Reality Capture, Drone Pilot License, OSHA Safety Ins
    • We are Leica certified Partner
    • Trained to do the job with speed, accuracy and minimum if any disruptions on site

    2. Registration and Processing

    • Working on the point cloud files from each set up and aligning, joining and preparing files for delivery or modeling

    3. Modeling

    • Create BIM elements, context, annotations, markups, adding HDS Photographs
      Reading the file for consumption on any application either 2D or 3D

    Scan your project to life with Leica Scanners.

    Benefits of using Leica Scanners for Construction:

    Accurate and detailed as-built documentation

    Enhanced design and construction planning

    Effective facilities management and maintenance planning

    Efficient data capture, reducing time and labor costs

    Clash detection analysis and mitigation

    Improved safety
    on site

    Improved communication and collaboration across project teams

    Reduced rework and construction errors

    Now, you know how a SCAN to BIM service can revolutionize your construction workflow, streamline your processes and achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

    Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unlock the power of reality capture technology for your construction projects.

    Don’t settle for anything less than precision and accuracy.

    Choose Leica Scanners for your reality capture needs.

    Why MicroCAD Training and Consulting?

    MicroCAD is a team formed by Industry experts from the AEC, Manufacturing, and Business worlds. With over 30 years of experience, consistently growing and innovating, we work together with our partners and proudly hold titles such as Autodesk Gold Partner and Authorized Training Center.

    MicroCAD has clients located throughout the US, headquartered in Boston, MA and operating out of several satellite offices.

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