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Explore Scan-to-BIM: Transform Your Processes

    How do you know you need Scanning Services?

    • Have you ever wondered how this technology can help your process and teams achieve higher productivity and efficiency standards?
    • Have you ever lost a project because of a lack of accuracy in your drawings and/or manual measurements of existing structures?
    • Do you wonder how you could adopt the digital transformation techniques sweeping the AEC and M&E industries today?

    If you answer Yes to any of these questions you may likely need to incorporate Scan-to-BIM technology in your design, construction, or operations processes. Let our group of experts in this field guide you through the most appropriate way you can benefit from and use this technology.

    Scaning Services

    Scan-to-BIM Explained

    Digital transformation technologies are changing the AEC and M&E markets. Innovative technologies and processes make it possible to carry out more complex projects, at faster times and lower costs. This transformation allows those involved in the sector to build better, more efficiently, and achieve higher ROIs.

    SCAN to BIM is a technical innovation that has many uses depending on the market and application including construction area or site confirmation, design planning, design verification, design evaluation, MEP Coordination, As-built drawings, remodeling/renovation, quantity takeoffs, budget estimate, digitalBudget, etc.

    What is SCAN to BIM for?

    This tool is primarily used to create highly accurate three-dimensional models of existing architectural elements on site. The process allows the conversion of data collected by laser scanning into detailed 3D scans for subsequent structural, functional, or visual use.


    Reality capture for improved designs

    Any design project requires high trust in accuracy and constructability. Implementing document collaboration across all areas of design help mitigate hidden costs, inefficiencies, and delays. The use of reality capture equipment is used to guarantee all these elements are met throughout the design, and through pre-construction, construction, and beyond.

    Digital Twins and As-Builts for Construction firms

    Maintaining efficiencies throughout the construction process, innovative firms utilize reality capture technologies to generate accurate digital twins and as-builts to manage reworks, errors, and clashes in a seamless way with minimum delays.

    Capture Digital

    How Plant Managers can benefit from Reality Capture Digital Transformation

    Today Industrial Plants face increasing challenges post-COVID-19 forcing them to accelerate their digital adoption initiatives. Whether is for risk management, increasing crew safety, surveillance, or simply to meet growing cost management pressures, industrial plants use drones, LIDAR, and other technologies to have constant eyes and ears on multiple places all at once.