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    BIM Collaborate Pro: Your projects look clearer from the cloud with Autodesk

    It’s time to shift your perspective. BIM Collaborate Pro provides a better view of your projects, giving you and your team anytime, anywhere access to the tools and information needed. With powerful co-authoring, project management, and model coordination tools, your team can work together in a secure common data environment which means more co-working, and les re-working.

    Highlighted Features of Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

    Basic file storage & sharing

    Share active design documents with read/write access and set user permissions on a folder and project level.

    Common data environment

    Store and manage all project data, whether generated in Revit, Civil 3D, or AutoCAD Plant 3D, in one location to improve efficiency during handover.

    Design Review on-the-go

    View and compare iterations of sheet layouts side-by-side or combined views of the project model in 3D view. No exports, translations, or uploads required.

    Share & markup over 50 2D & 3D design file formats including Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, industry formats like IFC, and office file types.

    Automated clash detection

    Upload models to automatically detect clashes. View results in an intuitive matrix, identifying clashes and grouping them to prioritize work.

    Explore design options by running clash analysis against shared models in sandboxed folders called “coordination spaces”, separating design trials from live ongoing work.

    Empower Your Teamwork: Buy BIM Collaborate Pro

    Acquire BIM Collaborate Pro licenses for enhanced project coordination and communication. Seamlessly connect design and construction teams, streamline workflows, and boost project efficiency. Elevate your BIM process and achieve unparalleled teamwork. Explore our BIM Collaborate Pro licensing options today.

    Anytime, Anywhere Collaboration with BIM Collaborate Pro

    Revit Cloud Worksharing

    Co-author work shared Revit models hosted on the cloud. Communicate design updates with other team members, perform automated clash detection of models, and review models anytime, anywhere.

    Collaboration for Civil 3D

    Collaborate on Civil 3D design files, data shortcuts, and XRefs with automated file locking with anyone, from anywhere outside company firewall.

    Collaboration for Plant 3D

    Securely share Plant 3D files and references across teams or company firewalls. Manage permissions, maintain compliance requirements, and keep teams aligned in a common data environment.

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