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    Autodesk Revit

    Autodesk Revit 2024

    Multidisciplinary BIM software for higher-quality, coordinated designs

    Use Revit® BIM (Building Information Modeling) software to drive efficiency and accuracy across the project lifecycle, from conceptual design, visualization, and analysis to fabrication and construction.

    What’s New in Revit 2024?

    Revit® BIM software helps architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams create high-quality buildings and infrastructure. Use Revit to:

    • Model shapes, structures, and systems in 3D with parametric accuracy, precision, and ease.
    • Streamline documentation work, with instant revisions to plans, elevations, schedules, and sections as projects change.
    • Empower multidisciplinary teams with specialty toolsets and a unified project environment.
    Autodesk Inventor 2023 video

    Perkins & Will works to reduce carbon at One De Haro (video: 2:28 min.) Video courtesy of Perkins and Will

    What you can do with Autodesk Revit

    Autodesk Revit

    Quickly define and document design intent

    With tools for sketching, scheduling, annotating, and document production, Revit drives efficient BIM workflows and includes specialized tools and automation for every AEC discipline.

    Autodesk Revit

    Connect seamlessly with project teams

    Autodesk supports the way AEC project teams work together anytime, anywhere. With Revit cloud worksharing and Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, keep your teams in sync and your projects on track.

    Autodesk Revit

    Explore, iterate, and refine design decisions

    With integrated analysis tools and interoperability support for a broad range of CAD and BIM tools, Revit helps project teams uncover insights and drive outcomes with data.

    Highlighted Features

    • New sample model and Project templates

    Use the sample model to learn about features and workflows. The updated project templates make starting projects and developing your own templates easier.

    • Revit Dark theme

    Community idea: Revit supports the dark theme for first level user interface, including the Properties Palette, Project Browser, Option Bar, View control bar, and status…

    • Toposolids

    Community idea: Create topographic elements as solid geometry.

    • Search in Project Browser

    Community idea: A search function is now available at the top of the project Browser.

    • Open Sheet Directly from Drawing Area

    You can now open sheets directly from the right-click menu of the view darwing area.

    • Scope box height parameter

    Set the  height  of a scope box after it is placed.

    • Place Multiple View and Schedules

    Multiple View and Schedules can be placed on a sheet at the same time by either dragging them from the project Browser, or selecting multiple items from the select…

    • Schedule Revision Clouds

    Community idea: Quickly manage your revision cloud parameter information using revision cloud schedule.

    • Snap Points for Coordination Model

    Community idea: Use snap points to easily model in context, to measure between two references based on the coordination model points, or to better position the…

    • Maintain Annotation Orientation Added to Air…

    Comunity idea: The Air terminals category can now show an annotation symbol using the maintain annotation orientation family parameter.



    See how people are using Autodesk Revit

    Model based designs in Revit

    Create coordinated and complete model-based designs

    Model based designs in Revit

    Optimize project outcomes with
    Generative Design

    Urban Heat Island (UHIs)

    Collaborate across teams, disciplines, and time zones

    Why use Revit?

    Run projects more efficiently

    Ease production burdens by using built-in automation for documenting design and managing deliverables.

    Unify teams and workflows

    Save, sync, and share model-based BIM and CAD data in Revit and connect multidisciplinary teams and workflows.

    Take command of your design data

    Use Revit as the data backbone of your BIM process. Develop and deploy standards, workflows, and content.

    Architecture Engineering Construction Collection

    Save when you buy Revit + AutoCAD in the AEC Collection*

    With CAD, BIM, and cloud tools for those who design, build, and make, the AEC Collection bundles industry-grade software in a cost-effective package. Save thousands annually on Revit + AutoCAD in the AEC Collection versus standalone.

    *Compared with purchasing each product separately



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    See what you can do with Autodesk Revit

    Watch video (video: 1:21 min.)

    CAD to BIM workflows, for less

    AutoCAD and Revit Interoperability.

    Use AutoCAD and Revit together for fast and effective design documentation.

    Watch video (2:16 min.)

    Multidisciplinary workflows for every project phase

    Coordinated workflows in the AEC Collection.

    The AEC Collection connects designers, engineers, and contractors to streamline project delivery. Watch video

    Products that work with Autodesk Revit 2024

    Revit + AutoCAD Create 2D Designs and 3D Models at the same time
    Revit + ReCap Pro Create 3D Models with reality capture
    Revit + BIM 360 Design Co-author and collaborate on Revit projects anywhere, anytime.
    Revit + Insight Design for better building performance
    Revit + Fabrication CAMduct Design and detail mechanical systems for fabrication.